South-East County Polo League

South-East County Polo League

The South-East Polo League (the League) is open to all County Polo teams wishing to participate subject to the rules laid down by the Hurlingham Polo Association (HPA) and those set out below. Each year there is a Summer Season with competitions throughout and an End of Season Tournament to determine the League Winning Team for that season.

County Polo is played by teams of three players on less than full sized Fields of Play. Players are required to be non-professional with handicaps restricted to minus 2, minus 1 or 0.

League Rules are:

1. Rules

a. The League will operate strictly within both the HPA Rules for Polo and the League Rules set out here. League Rules are subordinate to HPA Rules.

b.The HPA Rules for Polo are set out in the HPA’s annual “Blue Book”.

c.The League Rules and amendments to these rules are posted on . Any amendments to the League Rules will take immediate effect from the time they are posted.

2. Communications

a. The prime means of communication between the League Secretary, the League Committee and the Team Secretaries will be email and/or text.

3. League Secretary

a. The League Secretary will chair the League Committee and will be responsible for all co-ordination, maintaining the League Table and arranging the End of Season Tournament.

4. League Committee

a. The League Committee will consist of the League Secretary and two or more Team Secretaries. The League Committee will oversee the running of the League, make any necessary rule changes and adjudicate on disputes and other issues. The League Committee will have the power to remove or bar any Qualified Player or Team from the League.

5. Participating Teams and Team Secretaries

a. A Team wishing to participate will nominate a Team Secretary who will register the Team with the League Secretary and subsequently be the point of contact for that Team.

b. Participating Teams may field any Qualified Player for any chukka or match.

6. Qualified Players

a. Qualified Players are those with a current personal HPA Rules handicap of either minus 2, minus 1 or 0.

b. Professional polo players are excluded.

c. No other player may take part in a League Match.

7. League Table

a. The League Secretary will maintain a League Table incorporating all Participating Teams.

b. A new Participating Team will join at the bottom of the League Table.

c. Any Participating Team (Challenger Team) may challenge any other Participating Team which has a higher position on the League Table (Challenged Team) to a Match.

d. If the Challenger Team wins a Match, it will move up the League Table to the place immediately above the Challenged Team. If there is a draw, the Challenger Team will move to (or remain at) the place immediately below the Challenged Team. If the Challenger team loses the Match, it will not change position on the League Table.

e. If the Challenger Team makes a challenge to another Participating Team which is four or less places above the Challenger Team on the League Table and a Match is not played within 15 days, the Challenger Team will then automatically move up the League Table to the place immediately above the Challenged Team as if a Match had been played with the Challenger Team being deemed the winner.

8. Matches

a. The Challenger and Challenged Teams will agree between themselves the Match timing, the Match location, the number of chukkas to be played and the arrangements for an Umpire.

b. The Match location will be on a Field of Play recognised as such by the HPA.

c. Participating Teams will be responsible for all chukka and other fees and costs incurred as a result of League Matches including the End of Season Tournament.

d.Subject to the agreement of both Participating Teams, a Match may consist of two, three or four chukkas.

e. In any Match, a Team may field any Qualified Player for any of one, two, three or all of the chukkas.
There is no requirement for members of a Participating Team to remain the same from Match to Match.

g. Participating Team Secretaries will email/text the result of a League Table match to the League Secretary who will make any required adjustments to the League Table.

h. The League Secretary will update all Team Secretaries with League Table changes. Team Secretaries will keep their Team Members updated with these changes.

9. Summer Season

a. Subject to weather, the Summer Season will start each year in May and end in the following October with an End of Season Tournament.

10. E nd of Season Tournament

a. The then top four available teams on the League Table will play in each End of Season Tournament for a Winner’s Cup.

b. The Winner’s Cup may be permanently retained by that Season’s League Winning Team.

c. Following an End of Season Tournament, the four Participating Teams will rank first, second, third and fourth on the League Table in the same order that they finished in the tournament.

11. Beginning of Next Season

a. The closing League Table for the previous Summer Season, which reflects that season’s End of Season Tournament results, will be the opening League Table for the next Summer Season.


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3 June 2011